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Intuitive Spirit Guided Session

This powerful one hour reading is going to help you get into alignment with your higher self knowledge and bring you back into the field of possibilities that are here for you NOW. These readings are unique to each and every person and is perfect if you don’t know where to start. Healing energy from your guidance team of Angels, Guides, and passed loved ones, as well as information and support for what you need most now will bring you clarity, compassion, and joy for what you need to hear and feel most. $177

Intuitive Birth Chart Reading

This reading is not your typical astrology report. Lauren will use her deep knowledge of archetypal astrology to deliver a high quality reading and astrological placement report all in one. You will see how your blueprint for this lifetime included all sorts of yummy and fascinating qualities and windy roads of intuitive knowledge from your past that gives you the foundational aspects of your purpose here and the joy of what you wanted to experiment in and create. $177

Akashic Record Reading

Your Akashic Records hold the information that your soul experiments with throughout its “lifetime”. You being an extension of that soul will learn everything you need to know about how you came to be in this earth, which ray of creative light you are from, which Archangels preside over your soul development, how your soul relates to the work of the interdimensionals, which projects on earth you are here to support, why you choose certain issues to overcome, how you can manifest from your highest purpose, and SO MUCH MORE. This is an in depth reading and can take up to 4 to 6 hours to complete depending on my availability. Part of that is the research I do before hand to gather the information and the other part is the 60 to 90 minutes I use to deliver and teach you about your soul’s path. I do not tell you WHAT to believe or give you direct orders from your soul path but I do show you the way to the path and it is up to you to define and work towards it. $325



My Soulful Transformation Coaching and Mentoring is designed to put you first and to create a healthier, more grounded body so you can consistently hold a higher vibration and treat yourself and your body as if it were meant to thrive here. We will incorporate a fine tuning of your skills to connect with your heart’s guidance, increase your intuitive ability to receive and stay on track, live from the power of the heart, and align to your deeper soul purpose in ways that affect your entire life. The fun part of it is that it is entirely customizable to your highest and greatest good and reveals the how’s and why’s to receiving the things you desire to achieve.

Each client will receive a uniquely designed program that will take into account your goals, your spiritual alignment, and current energy field. It will include energy work and Angelic Attunements as well as practical belief system awakenings so that the heart assists the mind in changing and you don’t have to fight your current belief system so hard.  

Each element of this program will attune you to your own heart’s awareness and is specifically designed to reveal the feelings and clarity that comes along with shifting your awareness from one of fear based lack to a system of emotional awakening and clarity about the abundant life we are asking to reveal and how we can access more of it.

We will assist you with practical understanding of your current beliefs so that when you understand where your emotional energy is asking for you won’t hesitate to give yourself the clarity and compassion you need in order to be empowered and peel away the layers of false pretense of what you have to do to earn your wellbeing.

With loving support you’ll learn authentic self-expression, self-acceptance, appreciation, and unwavering compassion for yourself and mankind! The real reason you’re here!

This service is for you if you want to:

Transmute energetic and emotional blocks that cut off access to god/source/universe due to damaged belief systems. 

Trust in the Divine and lead yourself to more happiness through clarity and resourcefulness

Strengthen your relationship with your higher self and Guides of Light

Learn to align your gifts and healing energy to do the work of your heart

Align to your soul’s purpose to create a better avenue for your lightwork to shine in your everyday life

Reduce or stop empathic or emotional overwhelm and treat the world as if it were here to serve you

Change the way you relate to your body, physical reality, and emotional fear of lack based belief systems

Increase your awareness of God in the physical body and your introduction to healing the self through energy tools as well as practical how to’s to reduce cravings and fear based eating and thing about health protocol

You may opt to choose areas of focus for this program such as Channeling, Body Health, Lightworker Syndrome to Lightworker Wellness, or more….

There is no perfectionism only progression in this program! Learn the importance of why you’re here, eliminate limitations, align with your purpose, and increase your abundance, health, emotional, and spiritual well-being!

Includes 6 live recorded sessions so you can keep and revisit all that you learn, support throughout via messenger or email, tools, skill development, and more…$777.00


Your Birth Chart

Learn the Road Map to Your Life

The Body of Light

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I had the privilege of getting an Akashic Records Reading done with Lauren Antuofermo, and it has already changed my life in many different ways!

Lauren’s readings are powerful because they come from the space of Higher realms where there’s nothing but pure, unconditional Love. I was buzzing with energy throughout the reading because of the pure source energy radiating from Lauren.

Knowing which realms I have sparked from ; who am I as an Oversoul; what is my soul urge is a powerful knowledge which has completely changed my perspective.

Before this reading I always believed that we are Souls living a human existence ; but this reading has turned that belief into an identity. Now I know exactly why I have always been passionate about certain things/ qualities all my life; why do I seek inspiration from nature, and why do I carry certain beliefs. It all aligns to the divine qualities of my oversoul.

I know exactly why my oversoul chose to be born on the date I was born on, what lessons is it here to learn and how am shining my light in this lifetime.

The clearing Lauren gave me during the session was so uplifting that it actually dissolved the fear of driving I was carrying for the past 15 years of my life following a NDE. I am ever so grateful to you Lauren 🙏

I deeply resonated with one of my significant lifetimes Lauren brought forward during the reading; and now I understand why manifesting abundance comes so naturally to me.

Lauren also shared some of the knowledge I was keen to explore after my reading and I was touched by her authenticity and beauty of her soul. I am ever so grateful to you Lauren for sharing your light with me 🙏

You are a beautiful soul inside out and the energy you radiated during the reading made me feel that I was touched by an angel.

Much Love … T


I had the pleasure of doing a reading with Lauren, I was having a hard time getting through the emotions I was left with after the suicide of my grandfather a year and a half ago, it just made zero sense and I found myself in this perpetual cycle of trying to figure out why this, why that, what I could have done more of etc. It’s been hauntingly painful for me and my family to say the least.

Lauren channeled my grandfather, there’s no doubt about that, there were things she said I haven’t shared and that no one but my family knew about him. I won’t get into what was said because that message was so profoundly personal and very in-depth, there’s just no way to share something like that. But I found DEEP understanding and peace about his actions and how he felt after our session, I had been literally searching for that understanding what felt like forever! I am so grateful to have be given that opportunity!

Lauren also channeled my spirit guide team who gave me an absolute reality check about what I need to focus on and that I should not fear or doubt for a single second that what I’ve been through isn’t who I am, and where I’m going was intelligently designed on purpose! My fears about not being good enough, smart enough, living in regret and shame – those days are to be done, and as a recovering addict I can say that I finally feel ok letting them go, I’ve beat myself up more than any normal human being can! I feel confident in where my business is headed, my goals to achieve health and wellness, and I am super excited that my life is in the safe hands of my guides!

Lauren, thank you so much for what you’ve done for not just me, but my family! It’s the closest I’ve felt to him since his passing and I’ve been overwhelmed with joy and a closeness to him that I can’t describe!

Thanks Lauren!!!! I’ll never forget what you gave me!